Custom Packages

Every wedding is different. This means that every couple’s planning needs are different! Here are some basic guidelines of what I offer. If anything looks intriguing, shoot me an email or give me a call and we can talk.

“The Whole Shabang” – This package is for the busy couple who needs help during the entire process of wedding planning. I will be there for you from planning the budget and picking out invitations to putting the centerpieces on the tables.

Starts at $1,000

“The Last Month” – It’s almost here! I can help you put all the finishing touches on your wedding projects, and support your dream wedding vision coming to fruition.

Starts at $500

“The Last Week” – It’s crunch time. Bring me on to help you relax and enjoy your family and friends while I set up the rehearsal hall and remind the caterer what time to bring the food.

Starts at $300